FAQ of Xtreme Mobile Car Wash

What does Xtreme do?

Our company offers both exterior and interior cleaning of vehicles and homes at competitive rates.  We also offer pressure washing services for homes driveways and patios.

Who can use Xtreme?

Anyone can use Xtreme who wants their automobile pampered. They want to preserve the showroom look for new, older and antique vehicles. People interested in preserving the quality of carpet and upholstery in your home or office space will also appreciate Xtreme.

What if I need a service that is not listed?

Simply contact us, and we’ll create a custom package to suit your needs.

When can I use Xtreme services?

Any person or business can use our services, any time.

How do I get started?

Just call us for a free consultation!
Memphis Office:  1-901-283-4570
Atlanta Office: 1-678-744-9306
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